Interoperable of NextGen Industrial Plant Design suite

WHAT is OpenPlant?

OpenPlant CONNECT Edition is the next generation of Industrial Plants Design Series and is Bentley's enterprise plant design suite for distributed project environments.

 * OpenPlant is not a replacement for AutoPLANT.


WHAT is the drafting/CAD/Modeling engine does OpenPlant running on?

"OpenPlant applications are built on the Bentley Power Technology Platform.  This means the same graphics engine and capabilities that are available in MicroStation are embedded into the OpenPlant applications including OpenPlant PowerPID and OpenPlant Modeler."

WHAT's about if I save OpenPlant files into DWG for delivery to clients?

Absolutely. As OpenPlant is based on the MicroStation V8i engine which has the RealDWG libraries embedded and will be able to create AutoCAD DWG files for turnover.

HOW can I transfer Plant Structural model to run analysis in STAAD?

Of course, with ISM (Integrated Synchronisation Modeling) a model from OpenPlant can collaboratively transfer to STAAD and back to OpenPlant.

WHAT is the proper Pipe Stress analysis software working with OpenPlant?

That is AutoPIPE.


Can OpenPlant collaborate with Third-Party Plant design (PDMS, E3D, and Smart 3D)?

Yes, there are available workflows over here.

  - Model conversion for review (View)

  - Conversion for use (Modify,2D) in OpenPlant Isometrics Manager and Orthographic manager. 

  - Model Conversion to (Modify. Model) in OpenPlant Modeler.

  - Conversion to iModelHub (Modify, Change Management).


  WHAT are the tools working with OpenPlant?

  1.     OpenPlant Modeler - (OPM) Core module, 3D Plant Modeling and Design software.
  2.     OpenPlant Orthographic Manager - (OPOM) Faster, High-Quality Automates extraction GA drawings software.
  3.     OpenPlant Isometric Manager - (OPIM) Standalone, Standalone, Automated Piping Isometric drawings Software.
  4.     OpenPlant PID - (OPID) P&ID diagram generation, Built-on ISO-15926.
  5.     OpenPlant Support Engineering - (OPSE) Plant Equipment supports for OpenPlant Modeler Software.
  6.     Bentley Raceway and Cable Management - (BRCM) Raceway design and Cable Management using 3D model.