OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition

P&ID diagram generation, Built on ISO-15926

OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition is built on the ISO 15926 data model, signaling the next step in plant software development. Now, any application that is mapped to the ISO 15926 schema can natively interoperate with OpenPlant PID.

* OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition is NOT AutoPLANT P&ID


  • Produce intelligent piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) with OpenPlant PID. Increase design collaboration and operations efficiency with software that makes P&IDs widely accessible through the ISO 15926 open data schema. Improve productivity and safety with P&IDs that link to operational systems and accurately reflect the as-built plant.
  • Accelerate your plant design process and deliver more accurate P&IDs to operations by using OpenPlant PID to:
  • Complete projects faster by making intelligent P&IDs accessible through a variety of design applications
  • Ensure safety by maintaining accurate, as-built P&IDs through seamless integration with ProjectWise for version control
  • Save time demonstrating compliance with quick and accurate reporting



  • Define and manage plant catalogs and specifications
  • Define and manage plant objects
  • Design 2D plant schematic model
  • Generate P&ID deliverables
  • Integrate schematic and physical plant models
  • Manage plant design data
  • Manage plant project documents and deliverables