OpenPlant Orthographics Manager CONNECT Edition

Faster, High-Quality Automates extraction GA drawings software

OpenPlant Orthographic Manager CONNECT Edition is the automatic extraction and production of high-quality general arrangement plant drawings (GA Drawings) from a 3D modeling such as AutoPLANT Modeler CONNECT Edition and OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition with i.dgn (based schema).

OpenPlant Orthographic Manager CONNECT Edition can process OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition, OpenPlant Support Engineering, Integrated Structural Modeling drawings (dgn and i-models), ProStructures drawings, and AutoPLANT Modeler i-models; increasing productivity and cost-saving in drafting, which allows engineers to focus on their design job.


  • Save time and money on the production of your general arrangement plant drawings with OpenPlant Othrographics Manager. Increase the quality and accuracy of your project orthographic with automatic extraction and production from your 3D model. You can make drawing preparations and keep up-to-date with revisions faster with the help of automatic single and double line drawings, annotations, and dimensions.
  • Increase your productivity and improve project collaboration with software that allows you to:
  • Spend less time extracting 2D files through automated drawing production
  • Eliminate markups and rework with a white-space engine that ensures annotations are in clear, readable space
  • Save time by integrating with ProjectWise to ensure drawing information is available anytime for everyone to quickly find, share, and use
  • Save money and increase design productivity by enabling non-designers to produce and manage drawings outside of the design application




  • Generate plant project deliverables
  • Manage plant project documents and deliverables
  • Perform collaborative plant engineering