AutoPLANT Modeler CONNECT Edition

AutoCAD-based 3D Plant Design and Modeling

AutoPLANT Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 2 Enhancement is now available, and compatible with AutoCAD 2020.

AutoPLANT Modeler CONNECT Edition is an AutoCAD-based Plant Design suite of all sizes or complexities.

AutoPLANT Modeler CONNECT Edition includes modules in this installation package are;

  • AutoPLANT Piping – Spec-driven 3D design of piping with advanced routing and editing features. Drawing production includes orthographic (plans, elevations, and sections) using paper space viewports and exporting 3D model data to produce finished isometric drawings. In addition to an extensive catalog of piping components, this application can also place 3D pipe supports, instruments, conduit, cable tray, and HVAC components. Please refer to the AutoPLANT Help for more information.
  • AutoPLANT Equipment – Fast layout and design of intelligent equipment vessels and nozzles. Full pipe connectivity, extensive equipment library, and easily designed custom assemblies.
  • AutoPLANT Raceways – Fully-featured 3D electrical layout and design application including conduit and cable tray specifications. Note: This application is a subset of the component modules available to the Piping application.
  • AutoPLANT Isometrics – Object-based drawing tools used to create isometric drawings without a 3D model using the same piping specs as the full 3D piping application.


Dependencies are: 

  • Design integration - ProjectWise Design Integration CONNECT Edition - Client Setups
  • Intelligent Isometric extraction - OpenPlant Isometrics Manager CONNECT Edition x64 (SES) Update 4 


Who Uses

AutoPLANT products are used around the world on projects ranging from small retrofits and expansions to large, full-scale facility design and construction:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical
  • Water/ Wastewater
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pulp and PaperLife Sciences
  • Offshore

Owner-operators and EPCs use Bentley’s AutoPLANT products in support of all phases of the plant lifecycle.



  • Conduct 3D interference analysis
  • Design a 3D plant physical model
  • Generate plant project deliverables
  • Manage plant design data
  • Manage plant project documents and deliverables
  • Perform collaborative plant engineering