Geotechnical Engineering Solution


PLAXIS CONNECT Edition is widely-used software for geotechnical engineering.

PLAXIS CONNECT Edition provides both 2D and 3D work suite with user-friendly and CAD-Like. 

PLAXIS CONNECT Edition provides Finite-Element (FEM) package with the ability to...

  • Model diverse geotechnical problem for a single or integrated application.
  • Analyze the deformation and stability of projects ranging from excavations, embankments, and foundation to tunneling mining, and geomechanics.


Bentley Geotechnical solution Introduction :


PLAXIS CONNECT Edition consists of...

  1. PLAXIS 2D WorkSuite - 2D FEM Geotechnical Engineering Suite
  2. PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite - 3D FEM Geotechnical Engineering Suite