AutoCAD-based 3D Plant Design

AutoPLANT Modeler CONNECT Edition is now available, compatible with AutoCAD 2020.

AutoPLANT Plant Design is an object-based 3D piping design and modeling application that runs on AutoCAD.

The system is built on powerful object-oriented technology, yet it is easy to use and customize.

The software enables users to interactively route and place piping components in a 3D environment.

Piping can be used to generate annotated and dimensioned orthographic and report quantities from the 3D model.

Piping Isometric drawings can be automatically created from the 3D Piping model.

AutoPLANT Piping provides state-of-the-art 3D modeling capabilities previously unavailable in any AutoCAD-based package. This capability is achieved through ObjectARX technology, using 3D objects to represent plant components. These custom objects provide superior representations from any viewing perspective while using a fraction of the file size required using standard AutoCAD shapes. 


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