Complete Digital 4D Construction Management


 SYNCHRO is a Complete Digital 4D Construction and Management that enables integration of third-party 3D Modeling or BIM (Revit, NavisWorks, and MicroStation) and scheduling software.

SYNCHRO allows a real-time mobile environment and Cloud-based data management.

* All SYNCHRO product licenses are only available for subscription services.

           Introduction to SYNCHRO

                                                                                                           SYNCHRO Introduction - Presentation

   SYNCHRO consists of...

1.   SYNCHRO Pro 4D - Model-based, Construction Management, Planning, Scheduling, and Simulation Software

  • SYNCHRO Pro - 4D virtual design and construction software
  • SYNCHRO 4D -  4D scheduling and simulation software
  • SYNCHRO Modeler - Model-based quantity takeoff software
  • SYNCHRO Scheduler - Traditional CPM method for Planning and Scheduling software

2.   SYNCHRO Field - Mobile Construction Management Application

3.   SYNCHRO Control - Cloud-based, Construction Management, and Collaboration Web Service

4.   SYNCHRO AWP - Work Packaging Server, Construction Simulation Services

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