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ProjectWise is the Engineering Document Management and Project Collaboration workflow system for Design to help project teams working across distributed teams.

ProjectWise was originally developed by Bentley System Inc. (US), and first released in 1998.

ProjectWise has always been the workhorse for design coordination based on organizational and project workflows, or industry standards such as BS1192. With the CONNECT Edition, ProjectWise extends beyond design coordination to comprehensive work-sharing, empowering the project team to collaborate throughout the entire project lifecycle.

ProjectWise functionalities consist of ...

  •    Content Management
  •    Content Publishing
  •    Project Review
  •    Project Deliverables Management

Ensuring comprehensive project delivery! Improve project performance by integrating people, data, and processes throughout the project life-cycle. Share project information with secure information mobility. Using PCs, tablets, or mobile devices, your project participants will collaborate effectively. Give your project stakeholders visibility into project performance to mitigate risk. Win more work and develop repeatable best practices to improve your ROI.


ProjectWise is now available for both Instant-On Cloud-based (SaaS) and On-Premise (Requires Physical server machine).

      - ProjectWise Explorer CONNECT Edition - On-Premise Engineering design data and collaboration management system. Fully Integrated Design tools such as MicroStation®, AutoCAD, and Revit.

      - ProjecWise365 -  Instant-on cloud-based system. Working on Web browsing enables document storage systems with security. PW365 can also manage project deliverables  (Transmittal, Submittal, or RFI) across teams.