ContextCapture Cloud-Processing Services

Cloud-based Reality Modeling Software and service

ContextCapture Cloud-Processing service enables us to instantly upload images, define ContextCapture settings such as ground control points, and create a 3D reality mesh using the latest cloud technology.

No need to invest the finest hardware.

ContextCapture Cloud-Processing

You can quickly upload imagery to produce 3D models. This service is easy to use and simple to set up, making it practical for any organization to provide precise real-world context for all phases of an asset’s lifecycle.

The following apps are included.

  • ContextCapture Cloud Processing Console - Enables instant uploading of photos and/or point clouds and setting of ground control points for generating 3D reality meshes. 

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  • ContextCapture Mobile – Easy-to-use reality modeling app used to quickly create and display 3D models from photos taken with a phone or tablet.      

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The reality modeling visa subscription is required and is your entry point to ContextCapture Cloud Processing service and all other reality modeling cloud service.

Get more data and value from your 3D reality meshes

  • Display relevant data of the real world
    Switch on or off the display of the model to texture, hillshade, and wireframe to better understand existing conditions.
  • Generate high-fidelity images
    Create high-resolution screen captures of your 3D reality mesh.
  • Measure and analyze model data
    Perform precise measurements of distances, surface areas, and volumes with the unit system of your choice.
  • Create animations, videos, and fly-throughs
    Produce movies with an intuitive time-based fly-through and object animation system.


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Download and explore these 3D models (3mx files)

         | Telco Tower by Igrobe                                | City Of Graz, Austria

          Telco Tower by iGlobe                  graz500

| Construction Aggregate Quarry               | Railway Bridge

 constructionquarry500                   Railway Bridge