Structural Enterprise WorkSuite

All included Structural Analysis and Design WorkSuite

Structural Enterprise WorkSuite (formerly Structural Enterprise) is a special software license that provides all Structural analysis and design software such as STAAD® and RAM® 

Structural Enterprise WorkSuite required Subscription Entitlement to earn the benefits of all structural applications. 

* Subscription or MA is required to hold and use all the applications. Otherwise, a single application shall be selected to use as a standalone.


Included Products

     •    STAAD.Pro Advanced CONNECT Edition         (* Include STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition, Advanced, and STAAD RCDC)

     • Advanced CONNECT Edition

     •    RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition

     •    RAM Concept CONNECT Edition         (* Post-Tension)

     •    RAM Elements CONNECT Edition

     •    RAM Connection CONNECT Edition

     •    Microstran.Advanced         (* Microstran Design Codes)

     •    Limcon         (* Limcon Design Codes)

     •    RCDC FE

     •    Structural Synchronizer

     •    ISM plug-in