Advanced Concrete Design, and Drawing Software

STAAD RCDC CONNECT Edition or STAAD Advanced Concrete Design is a brand new software offering advanced customizable reinforced concrete design, searchable reports, automated plans, elevations, sections, schedules, and detailed drawings for beams, columns, panel slabs, shear walls working directly off STAAD.Pro geometry and analytical results.

* STAAD RCDC is included in STAAD.Pro Advanced CONNECT Edition license only

With STAAD RCDC CONNECT Edition, one can now take a STAAD.Pro model and generate designs, drawings, and schedules for concrete components of structures to one of a variety of design codes.


You can design and detail the following:-

  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Shear Walls
  • Foundations
  • Pile caps
  • Staircases

Design codes supported.

  • IS 456 + IS 13920 (1993) 
  • IS 456 + IS 13920 (2016) 
  • Eurocode EN 1992
  • ACI 318M - 11
  • ACI 318-2011 (FPS Unit)
  • ACI 318M-2014
  • ACI 318-2014 (FPS Unit)
  • BS8110-1997




** If you interested in STAAD RCDC, please directly contact us via CHAT or Line Official : @reisoftware 



  • Comply with seismic requirements
  • Optimize or analyze beams, columns, and walls to quickly obtain safe and economical designs
  • Design non-traditional and custom shapes
  • Design to international standards
  • Model concrete floor-based structures with the optional floor planner for efficient modeling.
  • Produce comprehensive quantity takeoffs
  • Produce concrete drawings and schedules