STAAD Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition

Comprehensive Foundation Analysis and Design Software

STAAD Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition is used for the analysis and design of isolated footings, combined footings, strip footings, pile caps, and mat foundations.

It can be used as a standalone product or integrated with STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition.

 STAAD Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition consists of.

  1.   Basic Foundation Mode  
  2.   Advanced Foundation Mode   (*Requires STAAD Foundation Advanced license)
  3.   Specialized Plant Foundations Mode   (*Requires STAAD Foundation Advanced license)


      * With STAAD.Pro license, users can only run Isolated footings, Combined footings, and Pilecaps.

  Basic foundations Mode

  • Octagonal
  • Combined
  • Isolated
  • Pile cap
  • Strap

The rigid analysis method is used for the above modules. For footing losing contact with soil, an iterative method is used to find the region in contact.

Shear and bending are calculated based on actual region-in-contact and not based on averaging soil pressures.

Critical load cases are detected for each check (e.g. soil bearing check for each corner, sliding and overturning, shear and bending check in each direction)

If the footing is resized at any step, the design engine starts back from the soil bearing check to ensure updated self-weight is considered in the calculation.

Options are offered through global settings to control the effect of self-weight, top reinforcement design requirements, reinforcement placing direction, etc.

ReportingSTAAD Foundation Advanced reports detailed calculation with all code references and relevant formulas. With Dynamic sketch feature, the scale footing drawing is represented in the calculation
sheet along with relevant graphs.


  Advanced Foundations Mode 

  • Mat foundation 

Auto meshing with quad, triangular or mixed plate shape option; any shape of mat with holes and different thickness; conversion of plate moments to global moments.

Mat foundation module offers any shape of mat supported on soil or on piles with various forms of loading like line load, rectangular, circular & irregular pressure load, point load, reaction load etc.

Analysis is performed by the STAAD FEA engine.

The stability of the mat against sliding and overturning is reported for each service load case. For concrete design, local plate moments are converted to any desired global direction for performing reinforcement calculations. Moment below columns are neglected for reinforcing design. Multiple mat thickness can be assigned though control regions and control regions can be neglected from concrete design if needed. 


  • Vibrating Machine Foundation

          Auto-generated solids; auto-generated dynamic loads

Vibrating machine foundation offers single, combined & combined gearbox options. It offers rotating and reciprocating equipment as load generators. For dynamic load calculations and soil spring calculations, it follows ACI351.3R-04 for dynamic load generation and soil spring generation.

Solids are auto-generated for the given geometry and dynamic analysis is performed by the STAAD FEA engine.
The calculation sheet reports the analysis results along with code references used for dynamic load and soil spring generation. It also produces dynamic graphs per ACI351.3R-04 for various severity and permissible displacement checks.


  • Lateral Analysis of Drilled Pier

Multiple soil layers, multiple concrete sections; Dual non-linear analysis; p-y curve generation for soil; non-linear concrete section

Lateral analysis of drilled pier offers dual non-linear analysis (where pile concrete section behaves non-linear and supporting soil reactions are also non-linear).

It offers multiple section choice as a circular or rectangular section with or without casing. For various soil layers, p-y curve generation method can be specified. Users can specify batter angle, ground slope, a factor of safety for skin friction & tip resistance.


* STAAD Foundation Advanced also generated site-ready detail drawings   


  Specialized Plant Foundations Mode

  • Heat ExchangerCombined Footing on Soil, Isolated Footing on Soil, and Strap Footing on Soil
  • Vertical Vessel FootingOctagonal Footing on Soil, Octagonal Footing on Pile, Square Footing on Soil, and Square Footing on Pile
  • Tank Foundation - Annular Ringwall

The Plant foundations are analyzed using the rigid method. Special recommendations made by PIP, API are taken into consideration where applicable. STAAD Foundation Advanced generates Seismic and Wind forces on vessel per ASCE7-05 / IS 875, / IS1893 / API 650. It also automatically generates load combinations based on ASCE 7 or PIP guidelines.


On-demand STAAD Foundation Advanced Video - Playlist

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  • Analyze gravity and lateral load
  • Analyze machine vibration and settlement
  • Analyze steady state dynamic performance
  • Calculate punching shear
  • Comply with seismic requirements
  • Design foundations to international standards
  • Detail and schedule concrete reinforcing
  • Generate design loads and load combinations
  • Produce structural design documentation
  • Produce structural details