STAAD.Pro Advanced CONNECT Edition

Advanced Analysis, and Advanced Concreate Design software

STAAD.Pro Advanced CONNECT Edition is the most comprehensive version of STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition and up to 100 times faster than STAAD.Pro v8i with its advanced solver (Advanced Solver, 64-Bit Solver).

Including full capabilities of STAAD RCDC or STAAD Advanced Concrete Design.

STAAD RCDC allows you to produce drawings including...

  • Automated rebar labels, dimensions, and notes, as well as rebar placing drawings,
  • Sections, plans, and details from the 3D model.
  • Customize drawings to adhere to your company's standards.
  • Automatically update drawings based on changes to the 3D model.

* STAAD.Pro and Advanced CONNECT Edition - Features comparison Table: Click Here


There are both of STAAD.Pro and STAAD.Pro Advanced CONNECT Edition.

The users can configure to use the desired analysis to meet your design requirement.


Advanced analysis features;

  1.    Memory efficient Eigen solution method like Arnoldi/Lanczos for solving large scale Eigen problems
  2.    Load dependent Ritz Vector for efficiently extracting relevant modes for fast and accurate calculation of structural responses. * This is particularly useful for large models where a huge number of modes has to be extracted to get adequate mass participation.
  3.    Geometric Non-linear Analysis
  4.    Pushover Analysis
  5.    Steady-State Analysis
  6.    Buckling Analysis by Eigen solution with the ability to plot the buckling mode shapes 
  7.    Advanced Non-Linear Cable Analysis
  8.    Floor Response Spectrum



Advanced Concrete features;

STAAD Advanced Concrete Design (STAAD RCDC)

STAAD Advanced Concrete Design, so-called STAAD RCDC provides a direct workflow to access for STAAD.Pro models.

Which is operated outside the STAAD.Pro's environment, but requires a model and results in data from suitable analysis. The model should typically be formed from beams and columns (plates are currently not supported).

STAAD RCDC can be used to design the following objects: Pile Caps, Footings, Columns and walls, Beams, Slabs.

With STAAD.Pro Advanced CONNECT Edition, RCDC capabilities are following ...

  • Interactive design & detailing
  • Seamless integration with analysis.
  • One-click design drawings and fabrication detailing




  • Comply with seismic requirements
  • Design and analyze with finite elements
  • Design beams, columns and walls
  • Design non-traditional and custom shapes
  • Design to international standards
  • Generate design loads and load combinations
  • Perform geometric nonlinear analysis
  • Produce concrete drawings and schedules
  • Produce comprehensive quantity takeoffs
  • Produce section property reports