STAAD BuildingPlanner

Seamlessly Integrate Building modeling for STAAD (SES)

STAAD BuildingPlanner is a building modeling program that provides a physical building modeling environment to create structural frames and components as an embedded workflow for STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition V22 onward.

*BuildingPlanner requires subscription services.

Bi-directionally collaborate with STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition



  • Seamless integration with STAAD.Pro
  • Import architectural centre-line (DXF model)
  • Detects beams and columns
  • Align / locate members
  • Add floor loads and wall loads
  • View load distribution element-wise
  • Check modelling error at plan level
  • Define shear walls
  • Generate earthquake and wind loading
  • Export 2D and 3D CAD drawings
  • Generate accurate 3D analysis model with
  • Wind and EQ load, etc.