OpenSite Designer

Civil site Modeling, Analysis and Detailing Design

OpenSite Designer CONNECT Edition is complete detailed design capabilities for rapid site modeling and analysis to deliver land development projects and support BIM workflows.

OpenSite Designer CONNECT Edition benefits;

  • Complete detailed design capabilities for rapid site modeling
  • Rapid site modeling and quantification
  • Analysis
  • Earthwork optimization
  • Drainage and underground utility design
  • Underground utility design
  • Automated project deliverables.

   OpenSite Designer CONNECT Edition features; the most comprehensive site design workflow available including

  • Reality modeling,
  • Geotechnical,
  • Underground utilities,
  • Stormwater drainage,
  • Terrain modeling,
  • Detailed drawing production,
  • Visualization.


Using OpenSite Designer you can:

  • Achieve exponential modeling performance gains with the model-centric production of design deliverables.
  • Assemble context data rapidly such as point clouds, 3D reality meshes, terrain data, images, and geospatial information to bring real-world settings.
  • Enable users to share project information across teams, locations, and disciplines with precision and security.

On-Demand Video: This video demonstrates how to set a building pad at a known elevation.

OpenSITE Designer - Overview of Site Layout setting


OpenSITE Designer - Create Pad at specific Elev


OpenSITE Designer - How to place a Building Pad


  • Access manufactured components
  • Automate drawing production
  • Automate parcel layout and grading
  • Conceptualize and Detail Site Designs
  • Design in context
  • Integrate multidiscipline models in site designs
  • Model, analyze, and design complete stormwater and sanitary sewer networks
  • Optimize Earthwork
  • Optimize Site Layout
  • Perform design-time analysis
  • Reuse common design layouts
  • Subdivide existing parcels
  • Support BIM workflows
  • Visualize designs