OpenRoads Navigator CONNECT Edition

Mobile App for iPad, Roads project review and collaboration software

OpenRoads Navigator CONNECT Edition is an easy-to-use, dynamic mobile software that provides quick access to civil data in the field.
  •      Interactively views.
  •      Analyze, augment a wide variety of project information.
  •      Reviewing existing terrain, 3D models, and 2D topographies.
Improve project coordination and accelerate collaboration through faster reliable capture of feedback from field staff.
The result is better decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project while minimizing risk. 
OpenRoads Navigator CONNECT Edition also enables 3D design visualization and design review and progresses approvals and issues resolution, at the office, in the field, or at the site. Interactively view, analyze, and augment a wide variety of project information, including reviewing existing terrain, 3D models, and 2D topographies.
OpenRoads Navigator CONNECT Edition is available to Download Now (version is compatible with iPad only)
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* Subscription Entitlement is required 

With OpenRoads Navigator CONNECT Edition, you can work better together to speed approvals and resolve issues during design, construction, and operations.
Use the app to combine design artifacts with pay item tracking for field inspection. You can take advantage of integrated GPS in both 2D and 3D models with linear and physical coordinate systems. You can collaborate between office, site, and field to gain insight into project planning and execution for faster resolution of issues found in the field. OpenRoads Navigator integrates with ProjectWise to support collaboration with all team members.
What's new features.
  • Added CONNECT Advisor (Windows only)

  • Added Clash Detection   (Windows only)

  • Clean Up Stationing Tools to remove begin station from offset tool

  • Redlines > Upload to Server (ProjectWise)

  • Issue Resolution > Update redline tools in Issues to match the redline tools.

  • Issue Resolution > Escalate a redline to an issue

  • Redline / Use Station offset graphics within redlines


  • Access drawings, documents, and models
  • Collect data
  • Connect to ProjectWise and other repositories
  • Navigate models immersively
  • Resolve issues
  • Touch to navigate
  • Work connected or disconnected