OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition

Parametric bridge modeling software

OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition is 3D bridge platform within the context of an overall transportation project.

OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition functionalities,

  • Design and model bridges
  • Perform construction sequence investigation
  • Manage project changes
  • Integrate roadway geometry and topology

  OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition is for rapid and iterative computational design.

Calibrate design to terrain, roadways, access ramps, and related infrastructure by directly leveraging Bentley’s civil design applications.

Enliven designs and enhance visualization with lifelike renderings.

Minimize costly construction delays with traffic and construction simulations.

Control costs by using clash detection capabilities to reduce interference problems, before construction begins.

*** OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition is working on the MicroStation CONNECT Edition platform and OpenRoads with OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition, OBM CE.

OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition key features:

  3D parametric bridge modeling focusing on:

            Segmental bridges (span-by-span and balanced cantilever)
            Box girder bridges
            Slab bridges
            Prestressed concrete girder bridges
            Steel girder bridges
            Extensive substructure modeling
               - Piers (multi-column, pile bents, wall piers, & custom piers)
               - Abutments (stem wall and pile cap)
               - Bearings and bearing seats

  Reference or import of civil data, from legacy Civil products or OpenRoads Designer

            Horizontal alignment, vertical profile, terrain
            From GEOPAK, InRoads, MXRoad native files
            Civil consensus model

  Geometry reports

            Input echo
            Deck elevations
            Bearing seat elevations

  Interoperate with 

    Bridge Analysis Tools such as RM Bridge, LEAP Bridge
    Detailing Software such as ProStructures

  Perform Bridge Cash Detection




  • Capture roadway geometry and topography
  • Coordinate multi-discipline bridge teams
  • Design and model bridges
  • Generate bridge project deliverables
  • Interoperate with bridge analysis applications
  • Interoperate with detailing applications
  • Manage bridge project changes
  • Perform bridge clash detection
  • Publish i-models
  • Design with true 3D parametric modeling