GEO5 : Walls and Gabions

Complex design of gravity, cantilever and prefab retaining walls

GEO5 contains multiple programs for design of retaining walls and supporting structures – mainly due to conserving simplicity and clarity of input. Each program enables analysis of the structure according to geotechnical aspects, but also verification of wall material.

Retaining Wall Design Programs

Overall stability analysis of all retaining wall types can be performed directly with the Slope Stability program, foundation can be analyzed using the Spread Footing or Pile programs.

The MSE Wall program is used to analyze segmental retaining walls reinforced by georeinforcements. It contains

a large database of georeinforcements of different production firms. The program for nailed slope analysis (passive nails with shotcrete face or steel mesh) is called Nailed Slope.

Program Abutment is designated to verify bridge abutments including wingwalls and construction stages. Additional program Earth Pressures allows to verify the earth pressure load on a general structure.