GEO5 : Tunnels and Shafts

Analysis of tunnels, underground structures, and vertical shafts.

Not only can GEO5 programs be successfully used for tunnel analysis, but it is also possible to calculate the influence of tunnel construction on surrounding buildings.

Programs for Tunnels and Shaft Analysis

Tunnels are modeled using the finite element method in the FEM program. The FEM – Tunnel extension module also contains these functions:

  • creation of a geometrical model of the lining in a separate pre-processor
  • Use of a relaxation factor to model the 3D behavior of the body during excavation
  • Input of temperature loads
  • Consideration of soil swelling
  • Consideration of lining shrinkage

The Ground Loss program is designated for analysis of terrain settlement and risks of building damage above a constructed tunnel.

Program Shaft is designed for calculations of load and stress of circular, vertical shafts.