Wire Harness Manufacturing Design & Documentation Software


E3.formboard works with E3.cable. (*E3.cable is required.)

E3.formboard is a complete solution for creating cable harness drawings for manufacturing. On any sheet size, one or more manufacturing drawings can be created. Automatic functionality makes the placement, arrangement and dimensioning of the harness and its segments easier. E3.formboard is fully integrated with E3.cable. The logical interconnection data defined in E3.cable is used directly in E3.formboard, and any changes made in either module are automatically reflected.

Optimize your formboard creation

      "E3.formboard calculates the wire lengths and the outer diameter of the harness segments. Automatically creates optimized cable routing for you."

Edit in one place, updated everywhere

      "Due to E3.formboard's integration with E3.cable, any changes in either module are automatically reflected everywhere else."

Complete  documentation, fully automated

      "Automatically creates tables of connectors that can be used for the manufacturing process, and graphically shows the size and position of conductors and connectors."



  • Manufacturing documentation creation
  • Automatic calculation of wire lenghts and bundle diameters
  • Dynamic connector tables
  • Control and adjustment of wire lenghts
  • Integrated schematic and formboard design
  • Digital manufacturing