RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition

Special-purpose for commercial building structures analysis and design

 RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition is powerful and versatile special-purpose software for the analysis and design of Commercial building structures

 RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition includes the following modules

  1. RAM Modeler | Building Modeling module
  2. RAM Steel | Steel Structures Design module
  3. RAM Concrete | RC Structures Design Module
  4. RAM Foundation | Building Structural foundation Design and Drawing

  RAM Modeler | Building Modeling module


  • Model entire structures for analysis including roof and floor loads; beam, column, brace, and wall geometry and locations; and slab properties, openings, and edges.
  • Breaking the design down into logical floor types and physical stories so that when multiple stories are identical, they can share the same logical floor type.  Additionally, it allows for the importing of CAD data via DXF files.
  • Comprehensive Error checking ("DataCheck") that searches the model for common and uncommon errors in the model that will prevent proper design. 
  • Looking for a number of warning conditions and presents these as well.



  RAM Steel | Steel Structures Design module


  • Composed of Steel Beam and Steel Column, RAM Steel is Steel gravity design portion of composite and noncomposite beams and girders as well as the selection of Steel Joists and SMI Smartbeams.
  • Check automated optimization of beam sizes, existing conditions.
  • Calculate tributary loads from the user-defined surface, line and point load patterns, loads on girders due to beams which frame into them, live load reduction factors based on one of several available building codes, and effective flange width.
  • Special design considerations, such as depth restrictions.
  • Codes include AISC Allowable Stress Design (ASD), Load & Resistance Factor Design (LRFD), BS5950, CAN/CSA S16-01, and the Eurocode steel provisions.


  • Provides design of gravity column and their baseplates.
  • Automatically calculate axial loads, unbalanced moments, live load reductions, and bracing conditions.



 RAM Concrete | RC Structures Design Module


  • Analysis and design of mild reinforced concrete beams, joists, columns, and walls.
  • Model both gravity and lateral systems.
  • Performs complete gravity and lateral load generation and distribution, including live load reduction and skips loading per ACI-318.
  • Design and detail reinforcing for beams, columns, and walls per ACI 318, BS8110, EC2, AS3600, CP65, and GB50010.
  • Produce CAD files for framing plans, wall and beam reinforcing elevations, and beam and column schedules.



  RAM Foundation | Building Structural foundation Design and Drawing


  • Design concrete slabs and foundations integrating within RAM Master model. Also, design calculation and reinforcing drawings.






  • Analyze gravity and lateral load
  • Comply with seismic requirements
  • Design lateral resisting frames. Quickly obtain safe and reliable designs for all of your structural projects.
  • Create a single 3D model that includes your tilt-up walls and roof/floor systems.
  • Detail and schedule concrete reinforcing. All schedules and drawings can be customized to adhere to your company’s standards for concrete projects.
  • Generate design loads and load combinations
  • Slab and foundation designs using specialized applications that are integrated within the master analysis model.
  • Produce structural design documentation