RAM Connection CONNECT Edition

Steel Connection Design and Drawing Software

  RAM Connection CONNECT Edition is a steel connection design and drawing software,

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition is fully integrated with RAM Structural System, RAM Elements, STAAD.Pro, and the forthcoming ProStructures.

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition has both built-in and Standalone.

* RAM Connection Standalone license is required. 

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition Update 3 (V13.3.0) - Release note - Updated July 2020 !

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition - features:

  • Fully integration of wide-used structural analysis and design software.


  • Easy to find Online Help and Online Manual.


  •    Comprehensive connection types

   With all types of steel connection design for the U.S., U.K., Europe, China, and India codes. Connection types include shear, moment, splice, and brace connections:

   1.   Beam - Column Flange (BCF)
   2.   Beam - Column Web (BCW)
   3.   Beam - Girder (BG)
   4.   Beam Splice (BS)
   5.   Column Splice (CS)
   6.   Continuous beam over column (CC)
   7.   Column, beams, and braces (CBB)
   8.   Chevron braces (CVR)
   9.   Vertical X braces (VXB)
 10.   Column - Base (CB)
 11.   Column - Base - Braces (CB)
 12.   Horizontal column, beam, and brace (HCBB)
 13.   Horizontal beam, beam, and brace (HBBB)
 14.   Horizontal X braces (HXB)

 And tubular connections design for trusses.


  • Entering user-defined connection tables and rules-of-thumb to conform to your office standards.



  • Providing ease-to-use CAD Drawing and detailing.


  • Supporting Seismic connection design.


  • Comprehensive reports.



* Online Manual - RAM Connection CONNECT Edition

  RAM Connection - Manual



  • Comply with seismic requirements. Design and detail seismic force-resisting systems, generating seismic loads according to the relevant building code.
  • Design structural steel connections. Easily compare the economy and practicality of connection scenarios.
  • Design to international standards
  • Produce structural design documentation
  • Produce structural details