Monopile Design Software

PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition is a specialist finite element (FEM) analysis tool for the geotechnical design of monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines

To transfer of results of the PISA Joint Industry Research Project into daily engineering practices.

* A standalone tool for rule-based design method or in connection with PLAXIS 3D for numerical-based design method.

PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition V20 is developed in collaboration with Oxford University and Fugro—brings state-of-the-art research to engineering practices.

PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition transfers the enhanced design method established in PISA Phase 1 and 2 to current design practices. 

PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition will enable the capitalization of any future findings of PISA, which will be implemented into the software as they become available.  

PLAXIS MoDeTo - 3D Design Verification


PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition features:

  • Reduce the embedded length of piles
  • Save significantly through design efficiency
  • Automatically calibrate soil reaction curves
  • Seamlessly integrate with the PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V20 now.
  • Rely on a proven solution
  • Design offshore monopile foundations cost-effectively
  • Transfer results of PISA to your design
  • Calibrate soil reaction curves

PLAXIS MoDeTo - Integration of PLAXIS 3D



  • 3D Design Verification
  • Analysis of layered soils according to PISA Phase 2
  • Integrate seamlessly with PLAXIS
  • Optimize monopile designs
  • State-of-the-art research brought to engineering practice