Product Description

Structural Modeling, Analysis, and Design for Communication Towers

STAAD(X).Tower provides the comprehensive analysis and design of monopoles, self-supporting and guyed communication towers through physical modeling and parametric tools, ensuring minimum user interaction.

STAAD.Tower helps engineers generate self-supporting towers, guyed towers, and monopoles using its parametric setup wizards. It constructs the physical model and categorizes the panels, legs, horizontals and bracing members with orientations without manual intervention. The structure can easily be edited to achieve the desired shape and configuration.

Feature List

  • External components like antennas, appurtenances, and platforms can easily be attached and can generate wind, ice, and seismic loads following the TIA codes along with other standard reference loads.
  • The robust analysis and design engine (as per TIA-222-F and TIA-222-G codes) helps to minimize efforts to obtain the analysis and design results. It also offers a vast range of post-processing graphs and diagrams.
  • STAAD.Tower provides a customizable and user-friendly report generation facility and also ensures bi-directional interoperability with other STAAD products.


Potential Users


  • Structural Engineers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Engineering Consultants

Firm Types

  • Structural engineering firms
  • Tower manufacturing firms
  • Communication tower consultants

    Firm Size

  • Sole proprietor structural engineers
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Large multinational firms