Section Wizard

Section Wizard is an invaluable tool for the structural engineer, allowing fast and accurate calculation of section properties of any free-form shape (including warping and torsion constants), retrieval of stress values for custom and assembled shapes, finding equivalent mill sections for general sections and exporting all properties to STAAD.Pro. Section Wizard can be run as a stand-alone application or inside the STAAD.Pro environment.
Section Wizard is the most comprehensive section property calculator in the market today. The program allows the engineer to build up any section from a myriad of international steel tables or draw the outline of any section from scratch.

Feature List

  • Create custom shapes from built-in sections and plates or draw any section using the FreeSketchPad.
  • Add curved surfaces, holes of any shape, chamfers and fillets.
  • Import DXF or DWG files.
  • Create a customized library of parametric sections for future use.
  • Calculate section properties of custom and built-up shapes including Area, Moment of Inertia, Section Modulus, Center of Gravity, Shear Center, Plastic Modules, Torsional Constant and even Warping Constants.
  • Create composite sections by identifying the Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson’s ratio.
  • Calculates and displays stresses at any point of a cross section based on Axial forces and Moments about principal axes. (Compare actual stress calculations with allowables to verify the adequacy of your section.
  • Quickly find equivalent standard sections with properties comparable to your custom/built-up section (useful for design purposes when codes don’t offer guidelines for custom shapes).
  • Several international steel tables supported including British, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Canadian, Japanese and Indian.
  • Metric and Imperial units supported.
  • Full integration with STAAD.Pro – Export out section properties to a STAAD.Pro file as a prismatic shape or user-defined table.
  • View the cross-section in 3D view within STAAD.Pro.
  • Create MS Word reports embeddable in STAAD.Pro Word file outputs.


Potential Users


  • Structural Engineers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Engineering Consultants

Firm Types

  • Structural Engineering Firms
  • Structural Consultants
  • Multi-discipline E/A and A/E
  • Departments in construction companies, owner/operators, and government agencies
  • Offshore Platform Design Firms