RAM Steel

Product Description

RAM Steel is powerful and versatile special purpose software for the analysis and design of steel building structures. It is useful in the design and analysis of commercial, institutional, residential and industrial buildings. As part of the RAM Structural System, RAM Steel works from a model created with the RAM Modeler to accurately compute tributary loads to all members, reduce live loads in accordance with applicable building codes, and design steel and steel composite beams and girders, steel joists and joist girders, steel columns and base plates for every level in the entire structure.

Feature List

  • Powerful special purpose commands for modeling buildings allows rapid modeling of complex floors and roofs
  • Allows changes to be made easily and quickly
    • Orthogonal, radial, skewed and rotated grid systems; moving or rotating grids causes the associated members to move accordingly.
  • Model includes all beams, columns, braces, walls, decks, openings
  • Model includes surface loads of any complexity, line loads and concentrated loads
  • Snow and snow drift loads
  • Database of common deck types
  • Design loads automatically and accurately calculated from model floor and roof loads, with reducible Live Loads automatically reduced per IBC, UBC, SBC, BOCA, NBC of Canada, BS 6399 and Eurocode.
  • Automatically includes self weight of slabs, decks, beams, columns and walls.
  • Fully interactive design investigation allows user control over the final beam.


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Potential Users


  • Structural Engineers
  • Educators

Firm Types

  • Structural engineering firms
  • Structural consultants
  • Multi-disicpline E/A and A/E
  • And firms of all types

Firm of all Sizes

  • small, medium and large companies