RAM Frame

Product Description

RAM Frame is a three-dimensional static and dynamic analysis and design program for designers, and structural/civil engineers. It automates the most time-consuming tasks and is completely integrated to help the engineer deliver projects on time and within budget. It is particularly developed for lateral frame analysis and design of building systems subjected to lateral, dynamic and gravity loads.

Feature List

  • Static and Dynamic analysis of buildings with moment frames, braced frames, shear walls and/or any combination of these systems.
  • Members with any material types, including steel, concrete or user defined materials
  • Automated mesh generation for walls.
  • Analysis with tension-only members.
  • AISC 360 Direct Analysis Method option
  • P-delta analysis option
  • Foundation springs
  • Analysis with multiple rigid diaphragms per story
  • Calculation of Redundancy factors and inclusion in Load Combinations where applicable.
  • Automatic generation of steel and concrete design Load Combinations per specified Code
  • User-defined loadings may be added to the Database as needed
  • Automatic calculation of K-factors (effective length factors) and unbraced lengths, with capability of user override.


Potential Users


  • Structural Engineers
  • Architects
  • Educators

Firm Types

  • Structural/civil engineering firms
  • Universities
  • Structural consultants

Firms of all sizes

  • Small to large size companies