RAM Connection

Product Description

RAM Connection is the first fully integrated steel connection design and optimization tool in the industry. Designing, checking and optimizing steel shear, moment, gusset, splice and bracket connections, according to AISC ASD or LRFD has never been this automated. Assign connections directly to the finite element model and have RAM Connection automatically consider member geometric and material properties, and the analytical results, to choose the best connection for you. The engineer has unlimited flexibility to check a specific connection or optimize all connections individually or in groups. RAM Connection works as a stand-alone prgram or integrated with RAM Advanse, STAAD.Pro and the RAM Structural System.

Feature List

  • Integration with RAM Advanse, STAAD.Pro 2007 or RAM Structural System models.
  • AISC LRFD, ASD Chapter K, connection checks.
  • AISC 2002 Seismic Provisions for moment connections.
    • Families of connections including: beam-to-column flange, beam-to-column web, beam-to-girder, -beam-to-beam, column splices, beam splices, column-beam-brace gusset connection, chevron brace connections, X brace connections and bracketes.
    • Extensive flexibility with control of ever parameter in each connection including: Connection materials (welds and bolts), Connection Geometry (length of welds, number of bolts, number of stiffeners and size of plates).
  • Optimize or check connections.


Potential Users


  • Structural Engineers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Engineering Consultants

Firm Types

  • Structural engineering firms
  • Structural consultants
  • Multi-disicpline E/A and A/E
  • Departments in construction companies, owner/operators, and government agencies
  • Offshore platform design firms