Product Description

With ProSteel 3D for Structural Steel Construction, you can place your trust in a modern and forward thinking 3D CAD System. Never before has computer aided design been as easy and flexible as today. However, it would not meet your requirements of flexibility if functionality was limited to one single base system.

Therefore,  a new kind of software design (CAD Abstract Layer) has been utilized, providing a uniform environment on different CAD Systems available globally. Currently, ProSteel 3D is available for AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. In the future other platforms will be supported, allowing you to choose your platform.

Therefore, decide in favor of a system which best fits your requirements. New solutions for 3D CAD ProSteel 3D, you can always rely on it!

Feature List

  • Creation of Parts Lists from Model
  • Cut Lists
  • Output in many file formats such as PDF, RTF, HTML etc.
  • Drawing Parts Lists in 2D drawings
  • DSTV-NC data
  • DSTV and international interfaces to PPS Systems and Structural Analysis Programs
  • Programming Interface (COM/VBA) for User Defined Applications
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast Modifications by Direct Update in 3D/2D
  • Dialogue boxes with clear Auxiliary Diagrams
  • RollOver Mechanism


Potential Users


  • Structural Engineers
  • Educators

Firm Types

  • Structural engineering firms
  • Structural consultants
  • Multi-disicpline E/A and A/E
  • and Firms of all types

Firms of all Sizes

  • small, medium and large companies