Product Description

ProConcrete is an advanced 3D CAD program for modeling, detailing, and scheduling of reinforced insitu/precast and post-tensioned concrete structures. ProConcrete offers simple and easy-to-use tools for advanced 3D modeling of reinforced concrete structures, producing automated design and detail drawings and rebar schedules. ProConcrete 3D enables engineers to reduce documentation production time and assists them in eliminating errors and design flaws.

Based on standard platforms, ProConcrete easily allows structural engineers, detailers and fabricators to create 3D models for concrete structures

ProConcrete provides automatic creation of documentation, details and schedules. ProConcrete includes many standards but the open working environment also supports customization.

The automatic creation of documentation and details increases productivity and therefore profitability. The detailing includes a full bill of materials and reinforcement schedules. The documentation provides 2D drawings from a 3D model, including bills of materials, NC data and PPS data.

Feature List

  • ProConcrete eliminates duplication of effort and increases interoperability. It offers integration with Bentley products as well as 3rd-party products.
  • ProConcrete includes standards based on regional codes and can be easily customized due to its flexibility and the programming interface. Workflows are optimized due to this open working environment.
  • Using ProConcrete with ProSteel enables engineers to design, document and detail composite structures. The combination of these two products is also available under the ProStructures product suite.

Potential Users


  • Structural Engineers
  • Educators

Firm Types

  • Structural engineering firms
  • Structural consultants
  • Multi-disicpline E/A and A/E
  • and Firms of all types

Firms of all Sizes

  • small, medium and large companies