E3. Series is a comprehensive solution for design and documentation of electrical and electronic systems.
CADSTAR is a complete design environment for PCB design – from initial concept through to product realization.
STAAD.Pro is a comprehensive and integrated finite element analysis and design solution.
OpenSTAAD is a library of exposed functions allowing engineers access to STAAD.Pro’s internal functions.
Section Wizard allows fast and accurate calculations for section properties of any free-form shape.
STAAD.Foundation is a standalone or integrated foundation solution for simple and complex foundation problems.
RAM SS is the only fully integrated engineering software solution with complete building design, analysis and drafting for both steel and concrete
RAM Concrete is the only fully integrated concrete analysis, design and drafting package for structural engineers.
RAM Connection is the first fully integrated steel connection design and optimization tool in the industry.
RAM Foundation is an integrated module within the RAM Structural System that performs the design, evaluation and analysis of spread, continuous and pile cap foundations.
RAM Frame is a three-dimensional static and dynamic analysis and design program for designers, civil engineers and structural engineers.
RAM Steel is a powerful and versatile special purpose software for the analysis and design of steel building structures.
RAM Concept – No matter how complicated, an entire elevated slab or mat foundation can be designed more efficiently using RAM Concept. It accounts for steps, openings, complicated loadings and other irregularities.
RAM Element provides quick, reliable tools for specific structural tasks. RAM Elements V8i is the only structural engineering software system that offers finite element analysis plus stand-alone or integrated design tools all in one low-cost, easy-to-use package.
ProConcrete is an advanced 3D CAD program for modeling, detailing, and scheduling of reinforced insitu/precast and post-tensioned concrete structures.
ProSteel – With ProSteel 3D for Structural Steel Construction, you can place your trust in a modern and forward thinking 3D CAD System.
PowerRebar offers dynamic parametric design tools that can handle reinforcement arrangements of any complexity.
MStower is specialized software for the analysis and design of steel transmission and communication towers, monopoles, and guyed masts, to a range of international standards.
STAAD(X).Tower provides the comprehensive analysis and design of monopoles, self-supporting and guyed communication towers through physical modeling and parametric tools, ensuring minimum user interaction.
Altair HyperMesh is a high-performance finite element pre-processor to prepare even the largest models, starting from import of CAD geometry to exporting an analysis run for various disciplines.
Altair RADIOSS is a leading structural analysis solver for highly non-linear problems under dynamic loadings.
Altair OptiStruct is an industry proven, modern structural analysis solver for linear and non-linear structural problems under static and dynamic loadings.
SolidThinking Evolve allows industrial designers to develop forms faster, using either Windows or Mac OS X.
SolidThinking Inspire enables design engineers, product designers and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily.
AECOsim – Building Design, Analysis, and Simulation Software for Multi-discipline Building Teams
Navigator is used by infrastructure teams to review and analyze project information. With highly versatile viewing capabilities, Bentley Navigator delivers a more intuitive user experience and improves the interactive quality of information.
RM Bridge V8is comprehensive software for structural design and analysis.
LEAP Bridge Enterprise is a powerful modeling and analysis solution for small to medium-sized concrete bridges of all types.
STAAD.Beava is a state-of-the-art vehicular load generator seamlessly integrated within the STAAD.Pro environment.
GEO5 is a software suite for geotechnical analysis. It is consisted of individual applications, and each one solves a specific geotechnical problem.
Novotech – Complete Geotechnical Software Solutions
ProjectWise is the only project collaboration and information software developed explicitly for the design and construction of architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) of infrastructure projects.
MicroStation is the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD and information modeling software explicitly for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operation of utility systems, roads and rail, bridges, buildings, communications networks, water and wastewater networks, process plants, mining, and more.
Bentley AutoPLANT V8i is the mature, industry-proven, AutoCAD market leading, 2D and 3D plant design suite.
OpenPlant is a 2D and 3D plant design engineering software suite providing true interoperability through the use of ISO 15926 as an intrinsic data model.
AutoPIPE is the choice of leading EPCs worldwide. The most comprehensive piping analysis software for 20 years in small to high-end piping projects worldwide for the power, oil and gas, petrochemical, offshore, and nuclear markets.
MAXSURF provides naval architects with software tools for all phases of the vessel design and analysis process.
SACS is an integrated suite of software that supports the analysis, design and fabrication of offshore structures, including oil, gas, and wind farm platforms and topsides.
Bentley Map is an engineering-accurate, 2D/3D desktop GIS that provides infrastructure professionals with the right geospatial tools to create, maintain, analyze and share spatial information.
Bentley Pointools PODcreator is for consumers of multiple point-cloud data formats and professionals who need to convert laser scan data for use within Bentley Pointools or any MicroStation-based application.
MXROAD Suite includes the ability to quickly create new design alternatives for any type of scheme in order to achieve the “ideal” road system.
Bentley’s InRoads gives engineers the flexibility to work the way they want with the power they need to complete their infrastructure projects.
Power Rail Track is a comprehensive 3D rail design software application with built-in CAD and GIS for preliminary and detailed 3D design of rail infrastructure.
Power Rail Overhead Line is a comprehensive 3D CAD design software application with built-in GIS for the layout, preliminary and detailed design, and detailing of overhead traction power supply systems/catenary.